San Pellegrino Mountain fresh Air
San Pellegrino Mountain fresh Air

San Pellegrino Mountain fresh Air

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When the world thought that all the water was the same, Italy bottled from San Pellegrino.

Hidden in the Alps in northern Italy, San Pellegrino sits at the bottom of the big glaciers that, melting through the mountains, made this city famous for its water.
With only an half an hour trip from the city, you find yourself in an extremely pure landscape.
White in the long winter, when the snow covers up everything, and green in the short summer, with the nature shining for a small period, San Pellegrino is still the symbol of purity and clean.

We, at Brathaly, know that the same rocks, lakes and grass that make the water so good are all immerse in the air of this incredible landscape.
People can immerse in the water in one of the spas of the area, but can they get immersed in the air?
This is the essence of the quality. Where everything ultimately comes from. Air.

Close your eyes. Feel the air of San Pellegrino. Take a Breath of Italy.

This is a pure breatheable 8 Liters bottle of air from this awesome location. This amount is enough for 10 deep breaths of complete oxigenation. You can spray it around for a full sensation of freshness in the house, or you can use it directly through our mask cap and directly breath it to feel as you where here with us.

The air bottled has been filtered with a breatheable compliant processor and it's then perfectly safe for breathing. 
Please consider that in order to properly provide with the same experience and not to modify the natural flavor of the air, although the air is filtered from impurities, it's not guaranteed safe for allergenic components that were in the air at the moment of bottling