Our Manifesto

We have been looking around us and we have seen people attach themselves on useless objects, totems of a culture that perceives owning as the ultimate goal for mankind.
People lose their priorities, thinking that their survival depends on properties and social perception that, instead, are the main means of self-destruction.

They do so because they miss a purpose, a feeling, and they hope to find what they lack in object that are without a soul, without a mean.
But we ask: how can a soulless object give you a soul, or a meaning
less object give you a meaning? So, we acted.

We decided it was time to skip the mere substantial object and move to the next level of consumption. How can you look at those people destroying themselves and the planet looking for something they can’t find, and do nothing.

To people that buy every day ephemeral things that will last the time of a blink, of a breath, and then throw we give air, the source of life, the main mean of survival of all species on the planet.

In a world where everything that surrounds us seems to be futile, we want to start from what it looks the most volatile thing of all, air, to bring back some substance in people priorities.

People wanted emotions, participation, purpose, and we bottled them. The emotion of a place, the participation to an event, the purpose of a cause.
It’s all in our bottles. It’s ephemeral, it’s volatile, maybe it’s futile but it’s there and you can see it.

We are honesty in a world of lies. We don’t advertise a dream and then deliver a delusion.

We breathe, we live, we feel and we bottle our world and our lives.

It’s there, it’s honest. It’s air.

“The scent, the scent alone is enough for our beasts.” F. Marinetti, Futurism Manifesto