F. A. Q.

Is this a Joke?

No, we are absolutely serious. Air is not something that can’t be taken lightly.

If you think about it, a man can stay 3-4 days without water, weeks without food, but only few minutes without any air.
So, why bottling the source of life should be a joke?


Ok, so what’s inside one of your bottle?

Inside every of our bottle you can find the air of a specific moment that we believed was worth remembering.
It’s pure clean air intact from the moment it was bottled and lived by the people that were there.
We didn’t add perfumes, didn’t take out humidity or touched it in any way. Like it was, delivered to you


How did you put the air inside the bottle? Did you just open the cap and closed it?

The process of bottling the air is a complex one.
It taps in the Aerospace Engineering knowledge of one of our founders and uses several patented instruments.
Opening, shaking and closing the bottle is, in fact, not enough for a true bottling of the air. Only opening the bottle will not let the air already inside the bottle go out and you cannot even press the air in, since the air inside has nowhere to go.
To be really sure that you have the air of the location inside the bottle, the air already inside the bottle must be removed in order to create the space for the one of our specific moment.
Our process does exactly this. While removing the previous common air inserts the correct air in the bottle.


How can I be sure that the air inside the bottle is the one you are saying?

As for any other product on the market, it’s all a matter od trust, since there is no way to be 100% sure of what every company is selling.
From our side, we do our best on our communication channel (check our Instagram, breathaly) to show you where we are, the locations where we bottle and the conditions of the bottling moment.
Providing you with the highest amount of information related to any bottling collection is the way we hope will help you understand the seriousness and the beauty of what we are selling.
In addition to that, every bottle has a number that can be traced back to the origin and the signature of the person who bottled the air, who is personally guaranteeing the quality of the product inside.
In any case, if you need more information or you have any doubt about the originality of your bottle, we keep track of every bottle sold and we can see if the numbers on the bottle coincide.


There is free shipping all over the world. Is this true?

Yes. Apart from specific situation or remote places (remote islands, top of mountains…) we provide free standard shipping worldwide.
We don’t want customers to worry about the shipping fee at the end of the purchase. The price you see is the price you pay and we take care of the other parts.


How are Custom fee managed (when applicable)?

We follow the best guidelines when shipping our products.
Since we ship from Italy, when the package exits the EU it become subject to the laws of the Custom it’s entering in, and sometime Customs inspect the product to verify its quality.
If the custom of your country stops the package and requires you to pay an additional fee, there is nothing we can do about it and we can’t be held accountable on the required amount.
We do our best to keep it low and it will not be refund.


Can I return my product?

You can return your product in perfect conditions with all the seals intact within the first 30 days you receive it. No questions asked.
Once the return arrives in our offices we will check the quality of the product and provide the refund based on the arriving conditions. We strongly advice to take pictures of the product and the parcel you are shipping in order to avoid discussions with the delivery company on the quality of the arriving product.
If the bottle seals are broken, no refund will be performed.
To start a return, just write us an email at returns@breathaly.com or ping us on the chat to receive all the info you will need.
We will return the full amount spent for the product.
Shipping expenses, both for delivery and return, will not be reimbursed.


I received the product but the seals are broken. What should I do?

We keep improving our package to give you the highest safety and the best boxing experience.
Unfortunately sometime something happens during the delivery that we couldn’t expect that broke the seals. If this happens, take a few pictures of the broken seals and send them to us. We will ship you a new bottle with a different number of the same quality.
Note: for unique numbers, 1 to 5, we take extra care in the delivery to avoid this occurrence. If something like this should happen in that situation, you will be contacted by one Breathaly representative to discuss together the resolution of the matter.


Does Breathaly have medical use or functions?

Breathaly collect the most representative and emotional air you can find in Italy and keeps it as pure as it can be. Because of this, our air is straight from the environment and it has the only properties that normal air has. We do not consider Breathaly air as a medical tool and you shouldn’t too.