Personal Moments

We know that some memorable moments are volatile, they just come out of nothing and go back to nothing in a matter of minutes... even seconds. 

Luckily, not all of them. Luckily, some of them can be foreseen, even planned.
You know the day, the moment when you'll get married. You know the day an event will take place. You know when you'll have that special party for your birthday.
And what you also know, deep inside yourself, is that if you just do nothing, that's where this moment will disappear. Into nothing.

This is why we created what we believe being the ultimate luxury: Personal Moments. 
Tell us a place, a date, a moment, and we will be there, with our artisan team ready to enclose the uniqueness of your moment into a superb bottle of Murano Glass.

Invite us at your wedding, at your event, at your birthday, at your party, and you'll have the unique opportunity to take away with you what is just a unique piece of art inside one of our bottle. 

Go past the videos, the pictures, the social media smiles. Get the real piece.

Your moment. Your emotions. 

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