Cinque Terre flowery Air
Cinque Terre flowery Air

Cinque Terre flowery Air

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Italy’s most famous Riviera stays in the heart of the people who live it.

Portofino is one of the most glamorous places on earth, but locals know that just a few kilometers north, clinging to the rocks, you can find the colorful small towns that have become so famous in the world, trapped by a sea so blue that it mixes with the sky and by the steep Liguria’s Alps, which protect them from the cold and snowy winds coming from North.

It’s in this landscape, with incredibly mild temperatures all over the year, nature thrives and shows all its beauty.
Plants grow so strong that they reach incredible dimensions. Their flower are so numerous that are everywhere, creating a constant flowery smell that inebriates the nose.

We, at Breathaly, understood that those colors and those smells are what makes this place so special and we tried to enclose them in a small bottle.
Pictures can show you the beauty of the place and friends can tell you their stories, but it’s only with Cinque Terre collection that you can actually feel those emotions.

Close your eyes. Feel the air of Cinque Terre. Take a Breath of Italy.


This is a pure breatheable 8 Liters bottle of air from this awesome location. This amount is enough for 10 deep breaths of complete oxigenation. You can spray it around for a full sensation of freshness in the house, or you can use it directly through our mask cap and directly breath it to feel as you where here with us.

The air bottled has been filtered with a breatheable compliant processor and it's then perfectly safe for breathing. 
Please consider that in order to properly provide with the same experience and not to modify the natural flavor of the air, although the air is filtered from impurities, it's not guaranteed safe for allergenic components that were in the air at the moment of bottling