Have you ever felt like the air was missing? Or that coming out from your home the pollution was so high that you couldn't breathe? Or your allergy was so strong that normal air was just unbreathable?
Then this collection is for you! It comes from the strong need of people to have clean, pure air to breathe in specific moments when the air around you is not as you would like it to be.

So we went outside and selected some of the most beautiful and pure spots in the Italian peninsula to provide you not only with the quality of the air but also with the experience that the air is bringing with it. 
Walk with your steps on Lake Como while moving into your home town traffic. Feel the marine breeze of Cinque Terre and Portofino while you head out in a rainy day. 
If your body is in pain, our mind does not have to be.

That's what the Breathing Collection is about. Giving you the best experience of the Italian quality clean air 

Enjoy the smells, the breeze and the emotions of our picks. 

We are what we breathe. Breathaly.

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